Preparing for Newborn Photo Shoot: Tips for Parents

Having a new baby in your family is such an exciting experience. The sweet innocence of this little angel will remind you of all the beautiful things in life. The next thing you know, they have already wrapped everyone around their tiny fingers, and you will wonder how such a small person can hold so much power! Stunned and full of adoration, you will wish they stay little so you can spend the rest of your days holding them in your arms. However, time passes quickly, and little bub will grow into the person they’re meant to be. Hence, do not miss the chance to reminisce on the moments of their infancy through newborn photography.

At Celebrate Photography, we understand that planning for a newborn session can be a bit of a hassle around the time of your little sunshine’s arrival. That is why we listed a few newborn photography tips for a stress-free experience!

  1. Schedule your newborn photography session in advance.

The first two weeks after your baby’s delivery is the best time to photograph them. At this period, they will still be extremely tiny. Their soft skin, little toes, and curly figures will tug your heartstrings! In addition, they will still be sleepy and cooperative. This will allow us to handle them easily.

Although newborns can get unpredictable and are not always born on their due date, giving your chosen photographer an estimated time will allow them time to prepare. This also increases your chances of securing a date that works for you. Otherwise, you might discover your ideal photographer is fully booked within those weeks, leaving you with fewer options. 

  1. Be true and clear with your expectations.

An excellent photographer knows the ins and outs of newborn photography, yet their vision may be different from yours. We recommend communicating your wants and ideal results to your prospect before reserving your date. This way, you will be assured that they are capable of bringing your desired outcome.

To further the process, you can look for newborn photo ideas and inspirations on Pinterest and Instagram to give your chosen photographer a better idea of your expectations. 

  1. Come in with a sleepy baby.

If you want a collection of pictures of a sleepy newborn, it is best to keep your infant awake at least an hour before the session and wait to feed them upon your arrival. Thus it is likely that they will be asleep throughout the shoot. 

We have a comfortable private room dedicated to nursing little babes. We will be happy to accommodate you!

  1. Bring extra baby supplies.

As mentioned, infants are unpredictable. No one does ever know what to expect during a newborn photography session. So, stay alert and have everything they might need within reach. We recommend bringing extra supplies such as a dummy for them to suck on and spare nappies in case of need for change. 

  1. Carry extra newborn photography props.

As mentioned, your vision of perfect newborn photographs will never be identical to your photographer’s. While their studio probably has props, it is still best to bring a few that speak for your baby if you want unique and more personalised shots of your newborn. A little hat, scarf, or mittens made by Nana will add a personal touch!

  1. Dress comfortably.

When it comes to newborn photoshoot outfits, your baby’s wardrobe pieces will depend on the theme of your session. Nevertheless, keeping them safe, comfortable, and warm is crucial. For parents joining the frame, we recommend the same.

Our studio is fully air-conditioned, and our lighting will not harm your infant. We mostly work with au naturel shots of your baby with minimal clothing so we encourage you to bring a soft blanket you can snuggle them with so they won’t feel cold. 

Concerning outfit colours, neutral and warm hues are commonly worn. However, if you opt for a classic black-and-white image with a black background, we recommend navy blue and black pieces. For contemporary-style shots with white backdrops, white and light-coloured clothing will work best.

  1. Bring along a family member.

When conducting photoshoots with twins or multiples, our practice is the same, but for an extended period to ensure they are handled with equal care. Managing one newborn is not much of a challenge, but multiple babies will require extra time and assistance. 

If this is the case with you, we recommend coming into the studio with an extra pair of hands. Having someone who can step up in case of difficult moments will ensure a seamless photoshoot for the little ones!

  1. Trust your photographer.

Especially if your little one is your first baby, we understand how protective you will be. But with a professional newborn photographer, we see no reason for you to worry. Posing, soothing, and giving newborns the utmost care are second nature to them!

Put your mind at ease and trust Celebrate Photography for a smooth newborn photoshoot. Besides being a father of four, our lead photographer, Renato Cillero, has photographed hundreds of infants with care over his two-decade career. More so, we sanitise the props in our studio between sessions. Hence, you are rest assured that your baby will be safe and healthy in our hands.

For exceptional images and a flawless session, book your little one’s newborn photoshoot with us!

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