Tips on What to Wear for Your Family Photos

Family portraits capture cherished memories and show the adoration shared between loved ones. So, there is no surprise why some of us strive for perfection when planning a family photoshoot. Whether these images are for your yearly holiday card or you just want updated portraits to hang on your wall, it’s only fair that you carefully consider every detail.

There are several things to keep in mind when it comes to family portrait photography. Having top-notch family pictures involves wardrobe pieces that reflect everyone’s personality. However, this crucial aspect can be a bit of a hassle and make the experience less enjoyable. You may even wonder if your clothes will be fine or if you need to shop for new ones.

At Celebrate Photography, we always get asked about the best family photoshoot outfit ideas. The thing is that there is no straightforward answer, as every family and individual member is unique. However, let us guide you through a list to help you choose what to wear for your family photos. Follow these tips to create fantastic portraits that give a close-knit family feel!

Select clothes that make you feel at ease.

The primary guide in selecting family photoshoot outfits is comfort. Family portraits are for keeps, and you want to wear something fancier than your regular attire. Feeling and looking great will guarantee happy faces, especially in children. So, do not settle for anything less than comfort!

Coordinate outfits, not match

Matching outfits can make your photographs appear unexciting.. The secret is coordinating, which will give your family a cohesive look while allowing everyone to show their personalities through individual outfit choices. But do not forget to ensure that colours and styles go well together and that no one outshines the rest!

Choose the right colours.

Colour is a huge factor in coordinating outfits, but knowing which ones to wear for family photographs can be tricky. 

Since you will be having a family photoshoot, you want to ensure that you, the subjects, are the focus. Therefore, avoid bright-coloured clothes, as they can be distracting and draw too much attention away from you.

We recommend neutral colours that will make your family shine! Light colours such as white, cream and pastels work well, too. However, if you prefer dark colours for a more classic look, you can also work with maroon, dark blue, purple or green.

Limit patterns and avoid clothes with large graphics.

As mentioned, you, not your clothes, should be the focal point in your portraits. Hence, skipping outfits with strong and abstract patterns is a good idea, as these may overpower your photograph. 

On the other hand, if someone in the family insists on a piece with a multi-coloured pattern, you may allow them to. Just note that not everyone should do the same as doing so can make a distracting image. Hence, select a colourful outfit for this family member, then coordinate others’ clothing colours from there.

Large graphics or prints can also steal the focus away from you. So, it’s best to avoid wearing these items.

Get the kids involved.

Asking children about what they want to wear and letting them have a say on their photoshoot outfits (or for the whole family even!) can boost their self-esteem. Being cosy in their chosen pieces and feeling that sense of trust may increase their self-confidence. Because of this, they may become more than ready to smile and pose for the camera, even if they are shy!

Children may outgrow their wardrobe choices, but it will be nice to remember the things they used to value at a certain point in time through family photographs. If the little girl wants to wear her favourite dress or if the boy wants to feature his beloved shirt, we encourage you to give them the freedom to do so if it will not hurt the photograph!

Dress for the location and the season

The location of your family photoshoot can also help you decide what to wear. But take into account the season and weather as well.

If you plan to have your photos taken on the beach during summer, go for light and breezy clothes with cool colours like blues and greens. For a spring photoshoot at a park, choose flowy outfits with minimal floral patterns or colours to allow for ease of movement. For autumn sessions, earthy tones are a great choice. You can also add layers for more texture.

For classic studio photographs, it’s best to stick to year-round clothing items and avoid seasonal pieces.

Don’t forget accessories

Non-distracting accessories can improve your look. Not only do they allow your personality to shine and add variation to photographs, but they can also serve as a point of interaction. A man may wear a fancy tie for the woman to hold, or the latter may wear a delicate scarf to be styled by the former. For children, cute hats and caps are the best choices!

Consider your home decor

If you’re planning to display your family portrait at home, it’s a must to consider your home decor. Make sure that the style and colours of your clothing complement your home’s aesthetic so that the portrait will look cohesive and integrated with your decor. This will ensure that the portrait doesn’t feel out of place and adds to the overall ambience of your home.

Lay out all outfits together before the shoot

To ensure all wardrobe choices have a seamless look with each other, lay them out together. This will give you an idea of how they will look next to each other in the photographs. This technique will also show if you miss an essential item or need to leave out an odd one!
For impressive family photography in Sydney, you can rely on Celebrate Photography not only for stunning shots. Our team will guide you starting from the planning process and throughout the session to ensure that your whole family has an enjoyable and relaxing experience. Contact us today to begin!

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