The 5 Step Experience

Step 1: Booking your Appointment

Our dedicated and friendly staff love to help you plan and book in your portrait session. They are there to help you choose a day for your photo shoot, discuss things like location or studio, best time of day, what to wear, ideas on how to display your new portraits, our pricing structure, and run you through the process. Make sure you have everyone’s schedule handy so you know when you are all available to attend the portrait shoot.

Step 2: Preparing for your Photoshoot

When you book your session, we will send you a Welcome Guide with a bunch of information, tips and advice to help make your experience with us fun and stress free. Make sure you chat with everyone attending the photoshoot so they can prepare themselves. Let them be involved in the planning, and share the excitement. Allow your children to have a say on what they want to wear. Just so long as they know you have the final say, otherwise you may end up with a Spiderman or Emma from the Wiggles in your portrait. Pack a spare set of clothes, snacks, spare nappies, a favourite soft toy or book, and most important, try to have a good night’s sleep the night before. Children will mirror your mood on the day, so please enjoy yourself, have fun and don’t stress if the little ones don’t play along as you expected on the day. It’s a new environment and different to the norm, so it may take them a little longer to become comfortable. This is ok, and we plan for this with every shoot. Patience and time is the key here.

Step 3: Photoshoot

Time for the fun part! When you arrive, Renato will spend a few minutes making you feel comfortable and discussing the style and feel you are after for your shoot. Once you walk into the studio, Renato will spend some time playing with the little ones and introducing them to all the equipment and props to make sure they feel at ease. His 25 years experience as a professional photographer and experience as a father of 4 children, sure comes in handy here! Make yourself at home while you discuss some ideas with Renato and find out any special requests or items you may have brought with you to include in your shoot. Then you’ll spend about an hour in the studio with Renato creating a series of different images that will tell the story of your family and capture your families’ individuality.

Step 4: Viewing & Ordering Appointment

Relax in the comfort of our leather recliner seats whilst you view and select your favourite images in our Cinema room. You will spend about an hour or so going through your photographs and choosing your favourites. Renato will then work his magic again and show you a number of different display options, discuss packages and help you select which ones will be displayed as artwork in your home.

Step 5: Collecting your Artwork

Once your finished artwork has been delivered to the studio and is ready to collect (generally 4 to 6 weeks) we’ll give you a call to arrange a collection time. Then its just a matter of you picking up your artwork and hanging them up on your walls at home to enjoy.

All our artwork carries a lifetime warranty, so you can rest easy knowing that we have used the finest quality materials to ensure your portraits actually last a lifetime. However this should not be a once in a lifetime experience. We love seeing our families return every couple of years to celebrate new milestones and have us capture their families as they grow.