Why Winter is So Amazing for Family Portraits

At Celebrate Photography, we often get asked about what is the best time of day to have an outdoor family photoshoot. You may have heard that the best time of the day to take outdoor photos is during the “Golden Hours”. That is right before sunset when the light produces beautiful warm golden light that is gorgeous on faces and skin tones. But did you know that during winter, the sun is lower in the sky for most of the day and your “Golden Hours” turn into “Golden Days”?

This lower sun illuminates the subjects and surrounding area in gentle warm tones that are just magical. Winter light totally beats the harsh summer light that commonly produces harsh shadows and dark eye sockets. Photographers are often using reflectors and flash gear during the warmer months in an effort to try to reduce these dark shadows caused by the harsh summer sun light. In fact, I will often try completely avoid direct sunlight during the summer months. I’ll head straight for areas in shadow to soften this harsh light and try to keep my clients from melting away in the heat. Winter daylight and sunsets are pretty amazing, and if it’s cold, we just need to rug up. Beautiful light means gorgeous skin tones and stunning warm complexions in your portraits.

What are the benefits of Winter Portraits?

There are so many other benefits of having your family portrait during winter. I’ve always found it odd that winter is not so much more popular for portraits. The fallen leaves and colours of autumn still in the trees. The fewer crowds at beaches and parks. The reduced traffic on the roads. And the great opportunity to wear some trendy winter clothes like coats, jackets, scarfs and hats. Accessorising can always be a fun part of having portraits. During winter sessions, we can bring out those cool scarfs, gloves or hats that have been stored away for most of the year. The kids will also have a ball helping to choose what to wear. They can also wear those gum boots they love wearing everywhere and still look great.

“If you love family time & you love photography, you will adore family portraits in winter.”

Winter portraits express warmth, not just through the warm colour sunlight, but also from the closeness of everyone snuggling together. If you love family time and you love photography, you will adore family portraits in winter.

Why is light so important to photography?

The word Photography is derived from the two greek words “fos” meaning light & “grafo” meaning to draw. Hence Photo-graphy literally means drawing with light. This is so true with any photograph we take. Our most important element in that photograph other than your family, is the light. It’s quality, direction, intensity, warmth and source. Hence why you often hear photographs speak about the “Golden Hours”. The Golden Hours, is the last hour of so before the sun sets in the sky, when the sun is at its lowest position in the sky producing magical warm golden light that is perfect for photography.

What do we wear for our photo shoot?

Staying warm and comfortable is the first most important point here, but coordinating colours and styles is also very important. Choosing and coordinating what to wear can be a little daunting. So please have a read of our “What to Wear” blog online or contact us to send you our Family Portrait Welcome guide. It is packed with tips and tricks to make your portrait session stress free, but also has a number of ideas for what to wear and how to coordinate your family for your photo shoot.

Booking a winter portrait…

Check out Celebrate Photography’s website for our latest specials and offers online. We always have some great deals going, but you will also find a little winter gem in there too. Just look under the Gift Certificates section in the Specials menus. Finding an available session time for winter portraits is also much easier than the warmer months, so just give us a call or drop us an email with your desired dates, and we will book your family in.

Looking forward to seeing your gorgeous family again this winter…

Renato Cillero